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?Title:Precise Re-Os Dating for Molybdenite by ID-NTIMS with Carius Tube Sample Preparation
????Citation frequency:(30)????Author:DU An dao,ZHAO Dun min,WANG Shu xian,SUN De zhong,LIU Dun yi????Year period:2001 Year Article 4 Period????Pages:247——252
?Title:Highly Precise Re-Os Dating of Molybdenite by ICP-MS with Carius Tube Sample Digestion
????Citation frequency:(26)????Author:屈文俊,杜安道????Year period:2003 Year Article 4 Period????Pages:254——257262
?Title:Analysis of 12 Trace Semi-volatile Organic Compounds in Groundwater for China Groundwater Survey Project
????Citation frequency:(16)????Author:LI Song,RAO Zhu,SONG Shu-ling????Year period:2008 Year Article 2 Period????Pages:91——94
????Citation frequency:(16)????Author:孙亚莉,管希云????Year period:1997 Year Article 1 Period????Pages:12——17
?Title:Multi-element Determination in Geological Samples by Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry after Fusion-precipitation Treatment
????Citation frequency:(16)????Author:WANG Lei,HE Hong liao,LI Bing????Year period:2003 Year Article 2 Period????Pages:86——92
?Title:Determination of Major and Minor Elements in Iron Ores and Silicates by XRF Spectrometry with Fusion Sample Preparation Technique
????Citation frequency:(15)????Author:OUYANG Lun-ao????Year period:2005 Year Article 4 Period????Pages:303——306
?Title:Determination of Major and Minor Elements in Chromite by X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometry
????Citation frequency:(14)????Author:LI Guo-hui????Year period:1999 Year Article 2 Period????Pages:131——134
?Title:Determination of Rare Earth Elements in Rock Samples by ICP-MS Using Microwave Digestion
????Citation frequency:(14)????Author:MA Ying-jun,LIU Cong-qiang,QI Liang,HUANG Rong-gui,PENG Jian-hua????Year period:1999 Year Article 3 Period????Pages:189——192
?Title:Determination of Trace Iodine, Bromine, Selenium and Arsenic in Geological Samples by Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry
????Citation frequency:(14)????Author:LI Bing,HE Hong liao,SHI Shi yun,MA Xin rong,WEN Hong li,LU Cai fen????Year period:2001 Year Article 3 Period????Pages:161——166
?Title:Determination of 36 Major, in Soil and Stream Minor and Trace Elements Sediment Samples by X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometry
????Citation frequency:(14)????Author:YU Bo,YAN Zhi-yuan,YANG Le-shan,WANG Rui-min,LI Xiao-li????Year period:2006 Year Article 1 Period????Pages:74——78
?Title:Determination of Arsenic, Antimony, Bismuth, Silver, Cadmium and Indium in Geological Samples by Inductively Coupled Plasma-Mass Spectrometry with Aqua Regia Sample Digestion
????Citation frequency:(12)????Author:FAN Fan,WEN Hong li,QU Wen jun and CAO Ya ping????Year period:2009 Year Article 4 Period????Pages:333——336
?Title:Determination of Major and Minor Elements in Ilmenite Samples by X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometry with Fusion Sample Preparation Technique
????Citation frequency:(12)????Author:YUAN Jia-yi,JIANG Yun????Year period:2007 Year Article 2 Period????Pages:158——159
?Title:A Study on Rhenium-Osmium Isotope Systematics by Using Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry and Its Application to Molybdenite Dating
????Citation frequency:(12)????Author:He Hongliao,Du Andao,Zou Xiaoqiu,Sun Yiali and Yin Ningwan????Year period:1993 Year Article 3 Period????Pages:161——165
?Title:Discussion on Estimation of Uncertainty of Certified Values from Geochemical Standard Reference Materials
????Citation frequency:(12)????Author:YAN Ming cai????Year period:2001 Year Article 4 Period????Pages:287——293
?Title:Determination of 25 Major, Minor and Trace Elements in Geochemical Exploration Samples by X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometry
????Citation frequency:(12)????Author:ZHANG Qin,FAN Shou-zhong,PAN Yan-shan,LI Guo-hui????Year period:2004 Year Article 1 Period????Pages:19——24
?Title:Determination of C, N and Other 36 Elements in Soil Samples by XRF
????Citation frequency:(12)????Author:LIANG Shu-ting,LIU Yu-chun,HU Hao????Year period:2004 Year Article 2 Period????Pages:102——108
?Title:Multi-Element Determination in Chalcopyrite by Inductively Coupled Plasma Atomic Emission Spectrometry
????Citation frequency:(12)????Author:WANG Song-jun~????Year period:2004 Year Article 3 Period????Pages:228——230
?Title:A Review on the Development of Re-Os Isotopic Dating Methods and Techniques
????Citation frequency:(11)????Author:DU An-dao,QU Wen-jun,LI Chao,YANG Gang????Year period:2009 Year Article 3 Period????Pages:288——304
?Title:Determination of Trace Selenium and Tellurium in Copper Ores by Hydride Generation-Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometry
????Citation frequency:(11)????Author:LI Gang,LI Wen li????Year period:2002 Year Article 3 Period????Pages:223——226
?Title:Determination of Ultra-trace Gold in Geochemical Exploration Samples by GFAAS after Preconcentration with Polyurethane Foam
????Citation frequency:(11)????Author:孙晓玲,于照水,等????Year period:2002 Year Article 4 Period????Pages:266——270
?Title:Determination of Silver, Boron, Tin, Molybdenum and Lead in Geochemical Exploration Samples by Emission Spectrometry
????Citation frequency:(11)????Author:ZHANG Xue-mei,ZHANG Qin????Year period:2006 Year Article 4 Period????Pages:323——326
?Title:Determination of Cr, Ga, In, Te and Tl in Geological Samples by Inductively Coupled Plasma-Mass Spectrometry
????Citation frequency:(10)????Author:LI Guo-rong,WANG Ya-ping,SUN Yuan-fang,DONG Tian-zi and WANG Hai-ying????Year period:2010 Year Article 3 Period????Pages:255——258
?Title:On-site Geochemical Exploration Analysis by Vehicle-Loaded Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer
????Citation frequency:(10)????Author:FAN Xing-tao,LI Ying-chun,WANG Guang,BAI Jin-feng,YAO Wen-sheng,YUAN Ji-hai and ZHAN Xiu-chun????Year period:2011 Year Article 2 Period????Pages:155——159
?Title:Simultaneous Determination of 15 Elements in Sedimentary Rock Samples by Inductively Coupled Plasma-Atomic Emission Spectrometry
????Citation frequency:(10)????Author:GONG Ying-li,WANG Shuang-qing,SHEN Bin????Year period:2007 Year Article 3 Period????Pages:230——232
?Title:Direct Determination of 30 Elements in Powdered Carbonatite by XRF
????Citation frequency:(10)????Author:Li Guohui,Fan Shouzhong,Cao Qunxian,Pan Yanshan????Year period:1997 Year Article 1 Period????Pages:45——50
?Title:Preparation of Pacific Manganese Nodule and Sediment Reference Materials
????Citation frequency:(10)????Author:Wang Yimin????Year period:1997 Year Article 3 Period????Pages:161——169
?Title:Characterization and Correction of Oxide Interference for the Determination of Rare Earth Elements in Biological Samples by ICP MS
????Citation frequency:(10)????Author:LI Bing,YIN Ming????Year period:2000 Year Article 2 Period????Pages:101——105
?Title:Determination of 12 Organochlorine Pesticides in Drinking Water by Solid Phase Extraction-Gas Chromatography
????Citation frequency:(10)????Author:WANG Yu,ZHI Xin-xin,ZHANG Ling-jin,YANG Yong-liang????Year period:2006 Year Article 4 Period????Pages:301——305
?Title:Determination of Elemental Content in Geological Samples by One-Time Acid Dissolution and Inductively Coupled Plasma-Mass Spectrometry
????Citation frequency:(9)????Author:WANG Jun-yu,WU Bao-cun,LI Zhi-wei,HAN Min and ZHONG Li-xiang????Year period:2011 Year Article 4 Period????Pages:440——445
?Title:Elimination of Interference in the Determination of Selenium in Rocks by Hydride-AFS
????Citation frequency:(9)????Author:Zhang Jinmao,Fan Fan and Ren Ping????Year period:1993 Year Article 4 Period????Pages:264——267
?Title:Advances in Inductively Coupled Plasma-Mass Spectrometry
????Citation frequency:(9)????Author:Li Bing,Yin Ming????Year period:1995 Year Article 4 Period????Pages:254——273
?Title:Determination of 37 Elements in Oceanic Polymetallic Nodule by X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometry
????Citation frequency:(9)????Author:Li Guohui,Wang Xiaohong,Wang Yimin????Year period:1998 Year Article 3 Period????Pages:197——202
?Title:Determination of Active Arsenic Species in Soil Sediments Using a Modified Electrode
????Citation frequency:(9)????Author:WANG Xiu-zhong~????Year period:2004 Year Article 3 Period????Pages:238——240
?Title:Determination of Major, Minor and Trace Elements in Bauxite by XRF Spectrometry
????Citation frequency:(9)????Author:ZHANG Ai-fen,MA Hui-xi,LI Guo-hui????Year period:2005 Year Article 4 Period????Pages:307——310
?Title:Rock forming and Ore forming Ages of the Yaogangxian Tungsten Deposit of Hunan Province
????Citation frequency:(9)????Author:WANG Deng-hong,LI Hua-qin,QIN Yan,MEI Yu-ping,CHEN Zheng-hui,QV Wen-jun,WANG Yan-bin,CAI Hong,GONG Shu-qing,HE Xiao-ping????Year period:2009 Year Article 3 Period????Pages:201——208
?Title:Comprehensive Study on Extraction of Rhenium with Acetone in Re-Os Isotopic Dating
????Citation frequency:(9)????Author:LI Chao,QU Wen-jun,DU An-dao,SUN Wen-jing????Year period:2009 Year Article 3 Period????Pages:233——238
?Title:Progress and Prospect on Geoanalytical Techniques in China
????Citation frequency:(8)????Author:YIN Ming????Year period:2009 Year Article 1 Period????Pages:37——52
?Title:Determination of Gold in Ores by Inductively Coupled Plasma-Atomic Emission Spectrometry with Plastic Foam Absorption
????Citation frequency:(8)????Author:TAN Jian-an,HEI Wen-long,HUANG Xing-hua and CHEN Yue-yuan????Year period:2009 Year Article 2 Period????Pages:147——150
?Title:Determination of Platinum Group Elements in Cobalt-rich Crusts from the West Pacific Ocean by Nickel Sulphide Fire Assay-ICPMS
????Citation frequency:(8)????Author:SHI Gui-yong,SUN Xiao-ming,QU Wen-jun,XUE Ting,ZHANG Mei,XIONG De-xin,WANG Sheng-wei????Year period:2007 Year Article 2 Period????Pages:113——116
????Citation frequency:(8)????Author:尹明,符廷发????Year period:1989 Year Article 2 Period????Pages:81——86
?Title:Fast Determination of Platinum Group Elements and Gold in Geological Samples by ICP MS
????Citation frequency:(8)????Author:QI Liang,HU Jing????Year period:1999 Year Article 4 Period????Pages:267——270
?Title:Determination of Platinum Group Elements and Gold in Geochem ical ExplorationSamples by Nickel Sulphide Fire Assay-ICPMS
????Citation frequency:(8)????Author:HE Hong liao,LU Cai fen,ZHOU Zhao ru,SHI Shi yun,LI Bing????Year period:2001 Year Article 3 Period????Pages:191——194
?Title:Determination of Trace Iodine, Bromine, Selenium and Arsenic in Geological Samples by ICP-MS with Half-melting Sample Treatment Ⅱ. Analysis of Soil and Sediment Standard Reference Materials
????Citation frequency:(8)????Author:李冰,史世云,等????Year period:2001 Year Article 4 Period????Pages:241——246
?Title:Determination of Platinum Group Elements and Gold in Geochemical ExplorationSamples by Nickel Sulfide Fire Assay-ICPMS
????Citation frequency:(8)????Author:吕彩芬,张勤,等????Year period:2002 Year Article 1 Period????Pages:7——11
?Title:Determination of Trace Br, Cl and S in Rock, Soil and Sediment Samples by X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometry
????Citation frequency:(8)????Author:ZHAN Xiu chun,CHEN Yong jun,ZHENG Miao zi,WANG Jian,LI Ying chun,LI Bing,ZHANG Qin????Year period:2002 Year Article 1 Period????Pages:12——18
????Citation frequency:(8)????Author:SHENG Shao ji,QI Wen ling,YANG Xiang,XIONG Li xin,JIN Lan lan,ZHA Xiao feng????Year period:2002 Year Article 2 Period????Pages:81——92
?Title:Determination of Total Iodine and Bromine in Soil, Sediment and Biological Samples by Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry with Dilute Ammonia Pressurizing Decomposition
????Citation frequency:(8)????Author:马新荣,李冰,韩丽荣????Year period:2003 Year Article 3 Period????Pages:174——178
?Title:Determination of Volatile Organic Compounds in Groundwater Samples by Purge and Trap-Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry
????Citation frequency:(7)????Author:HUANG Yi and RAO Zhu????Year period:2009 Year Article 1 Period????Pages:15——20
?Title:Determination of Co, Cr, Cu, Mo, Ni, Pb, Sn, W, Y and Zn in Molybdenum Ores by Inductively Coupled Plasma-Atomic Emission Specrometry
????Citation frequency:(7)????Author:ZHAO Qing ling,LI Qing cai and GAO Yu hua????Year period:2009 Year Article 5 Period????Pages:488——490
?Title:Determination of Organochlorine Pesticides in Soil Samples by Gas Chromatography with Ultrasonic Extraction and Solid Phase Extraction
????Citation frequency:(7)????Author:LIU Wen zhang,TAO Wen jing,CHENG Li y,YU Xing,TIAN Min,HUANG Qin and LI Sheng sheng????Year period:2009 Year Article 6 Period????Pages:541——544